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Kelly Wolf Intimacy Educator Yoni Massage Sacred Sexuality

This course is life changing and life affirming. This content facilitates the embodiment of a deep intimacy within oneself and therefore others. Learn how to utilise your life-force energy, understand the nuanced mechanics of intimacy, and create deep intimacy with yourself and your partner.

Week 1 - Understand why intimacy is pivotal for your health and well-being. Learn the energetic mechanics of intimacy. Discover the differences between male and female energy systems. Receive homework to start to awaken intimacy in your body.

Week 2 - Learn the mechanics of the female body including the different pathways to orgasm. Empower yourself with education about the structure and function of the pleasure anatomy.

Week 3 – Discover tools for navigating and awakening pleasure pathways in your body allowing you to connect in a more intimate way. Understand the ancient teachings about energy, breath, presence, and how these practices increase not just pleasure but health and vitality.

Week 4 - How to create intimacy with another. Methods for creating deeper intimacy with a partner, master the energetic mechanism for intimacy, how to give and receive pleasure, together with communication tools. Understand the barriers to intimacy including self-consciousness, fear of rejection, and shame around sexuality. Empower yourself and your partner.

“This course with Kelly introduced me to principles and theories I had never heard of or explored before which are so fascinating and empowering! This course has helped me open my mind and heart to new possibilities and experiences in life. I have exponentially increased my level of self-love and self-awareness through Kelly’s teachings and I now have a deeper and more nourishing experience of life. The power of such subtle and gentle practices is mind blowing. Through them I have found more courage, strength and vulnerability and the permission to step into my own power to fully express myself in this world and it feels amazing. If you feel intrigued by the sound of this course then I encourage you to jump in. It provides the most incredible opportunity to explore the deeper parts of yourself in a safe and supported way.
This course is intimate, sacred and powerful. A true gift to every woman on the planet. Thank you, Kelly, for showing us all how freaking amazing we are!” - Fleur, 41

“This course allowed me to re-kindle my intimate relationship with my partner, which to be honest I didn’t think was ever going to come back. I wish I was taught this information when I was much younger. I didn’t realise that I had shut down intimacy not just with him but with all of life. By doing the weekly exercises, my connection to my body came back to life, and then my heart also. The section about learning to giving pleasure.. well, without giving too much information, I was able to ‘give’ to my partner in a way I had never done before and he was beside himself as to what he was experiencing. I’m so grateful to have my intimate relationship back.” – Brooke 37

** please note** you need to have completed Awakened Intimacy Level 1 to purchase this product.


As you discovered in Awakened Intimacy Level 1 this work is truly powerful, in Level 2 you will learn more advanced ancient tools to awaken even further. You will learn how to work with your menstrual cycle (even if you no longer have one) so that you can use it to your full potential, you will learn how to have energetic Orgasms, how to address your shadow, hormone balancing practices, advanced self-pleasure techniques plus much much more.

During the workshop you will learn about the ancient art of using your Yoni Egg, how to cleanse and maintain its energy, the different reflexology points inside the Yoni that the egg can work with as well as Yoni Egg rituals and tools for regular Yoni Egg work. Kelly will teach you the history and mythology of the Jade egg and once you have received the therory, Kelly will guide you through a Yoni egg practice. 

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