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Kelly Wolf Intimacy Educator Yoni Massage Sacred Sexuality

Kelly Wolf is an accomplished Intimacy Educator with a rich background spanning over 15 years. Her expertise is in teaching women and couples about the complex and nuanced mechanics of intimacy.


Recently, Kelly developed an Online Training Program for Professional Intimacy Coordinators, which provides innovative education for those involved in the entertainment industry, including stage, screen, and television. The course is designed to meet the needs of professionals seeking to incorporate safe, consensual, and authentic intimacy scenes into their productions. With Kelly’s guidance, these coordinators can learn to create more authentic and engaging intimacy scenes, resulting in more impactful storytelling and positive cultural change.


In addition to her work with professionals, Kelly specialises in intimacy for women who are looking to deepen their understanding and practice of intimacy. Her course content facilitates the embodiment of a deep intimacy within oneself and therefore others.


With many years of experience teaching ancient philosophies in Tantric, Taoist, and Egyptian traditions, Kelly has witnessed the profound impact these teachings can have on cultivating intimacy and connection. These ancient wisdom traditions offer invaluable insights and practices that resonate deeply with our modern lives.


Intimacy is not just a physical act; it's an intricate dance of emotional, mental, and spiritual connection. It's about embracing vulnerability, authenticity, and deep self-awareness. For women, it is more important than ever to explore and deepen our understanding of intimacy, both within ourselves and in our relationships. Whether you're navigating the exciting journey of self-discovery or seeking to enhance the connections in your existing relationships, the exploration of intimacy becomes a transformative path of growth and fulfilment.

Kelly is a Mother of two and lights the way for all women, particularly Mothers to not abandon themselves, to understand how their lifeforce energy works and to master harnessing that energy for health and vitality.

Kelly is a certified Sexological Bodyworker, having completed her studies in the USA as well as being a Yoni massage therapist accredited through the Temple of She Yoni Massage Practitioners in Australia.


Kelly has a Bachelor of Information Management: Major in Law,

is a Reiki Master - Usui, Tiger Reiki, Shiva-Shakti Reiki,

Bodytalk Practitioner, Cert III in Psychosomatic Therapy, Neurolinguistics Practitioner, 

she has been teaching yoga and dance based in Taoist, Tantric & Egyptian philosophies for 15 years,

and has completed intensive study in the USA in Explosive Sexual Healing.

Kelly is also an accredited Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher. 

She is 44 and lives and works in Canberra ACT, Australia.

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